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Webtoon AI Translation Total Solution

Along with the growth of the content market, various contents are in demand for the global market. However, translation in various fields such as text as well as webtoons, games, and chatting requires a high level of technology and reflection of the field operations.

Become a strong player in the global market by collaborating with artificial intelligence tailored for content translation!

Document Translation

A solution that only translates text while maintaining 100% of various forms such as tables, layouts, fonts, font sizes, and layouts​

Translation Chat

Enable global chat service by introducing simultaneous interpretation chat solution to your apps, games, websites, chatbots, etc.

Webtoon Translation

It is compatible with both Photoshop files and image files, and automatic translation of text quotes as well as batch automatic control of speech bubbles

Supported Document Type​ for Translation

In addition to TXT files, it supports Word, PPT, and Excel document translation, and it processes translation by replacing only text while all layouts and designs are preserved.

Document Translation Introduction Video

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Translation Chat Service

Upgrade your game, website, shopping mall, and app to a global ecosystem that people all over the world can use by introducing a chat translation solution that enables simultaneous interpretation in more than 10+ languages!

Webtoon Translation AI

Guaranteed productivity with webtoon specialzied AI translation​

Webtoon translation is a task that requires various skills and expertise, including typesetting, image editing, and additional design, in addition to language text translation. In addition to excellent know-how and skills, Insight Vessel has secured a solid technical foundation to guarantee productivity by possessing webtoon-specific artificial intelligence and solutions. With total solution, the service is available in PSD format as well as jpeg and png. Also enjoy translation team management system(TMS)

Text Translation

Automatic translation by recognizing the text layers of the Photoshop origina filel: rasterized text can also be processed by adding OCR and text boxes

Speech Bubble Auto Control

You can freely adjust the speech bubble layer and set it to fit the size of the text box.

TMS System

As a translation collaboration system, and inspection pipeline can be performed not only by individuals but also by teams/organizations.

WebtoonAI - Toonsym Video

Economy MoneyToday TV Coverage(Korean)




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of course. Besides that, scroll view, page view settings are included. Or you can perform various tasks such as delivery, localization research and work by providing psd file!

Customer Review(Korea)

Excellent and fabulous work, helped a lot of my business entry that serves Korean customers. I recommend this service
Troy Seark
From Dallas, USA
I got help from them for localization of my cosmetic products into South Korean market; well, it was a blast and I continue to grow my sales there thanks to great localization service
Zarah Larrson
From Australia
They are always fast and stable on their delivery quality. It is certain that I will continue to use their service
Frank Pierro
From Texas, USA
If you are looking for professionals whom you can rely on for long term period and have your own go-to place, you've found the one
Jack Brittone
From London, UK

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